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- drafting of supply contracts, sale and purchase agreements, etc.

- assistance in negotiation of terms and conditions of contracts

- advice on currency control, tax, customs and other issues related to cross-border trade

- advice on application of international treaties, technical guidelines and other documents, including EAEU documents

- assistance in pre-trial dispute resolution and representation of clients in court and arbitration proceedings related to cross-border trade

- Drafting of a standard set of documents for supply of plumbing products for a large European manufacturer

- Advice to a European group of companies on certification and marking of products for tele- and online trading via website with a foreign domain extension

- Advice to a Kazakhstani company on labelling of childcare products imported into the territory of the Customs Union

- Advising foreign importers on labelling language requirements to imported goods

- Advice to an international retailer in connection with performance of contracts for supply of clothes and accessories into Kazakhstan

- Advice to a Kazakhstani oil company on legal aspects of price determination in crude oil supplies abroad

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