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- advice on legal regulation of Internet

- advice on and drafting documents for protection of personal data and other legally protected information

- review of corporate documents for compliance with personal data protection requirements, recommendations and assistance in preparing of a set of legal documents for protection and transfer of personal data

- advice on confidentiality issues

- drafting of non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements

- Advice to a major Russian bank on collection and processing of legally protected information (personal data of customers, bank employees, information constituting bank secrecy)

- Advice to an international investment fund on lawfulness of monitoring of email correspondence of the fund’s employees and access to their personal data

- Advice to an American company on personal data protection in the course of introduction of an internal notification system of violations of law and/or corporate rules (whistleblowing)

- Advice to a major international company specializing in Internet-related services and products on exercising of the “right to be forgotten” in Kazakhstan

- Advice to an international payment system regarding lawfulness of internet-casinos, online bookmaking and betting in Kazakhstan

- Advice to an American company with regards to a third party access to servers of a Kazakhstani company and email accounts of its employees

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